Dog next to Christmas Gift.

Christmas Gifts

November 09, 2023

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Pets

It's the most wonderful time of the year and we're so excited to begin all of our holiday shopping! Do know who we love shopping for the most though? Our pets! Even though we don't need a holiday as a reason to spoil our pets, it does make it even more fun! Below are 10 Christmas gift ideas for your pets that we know they'll love, including some of our personal favorites from Carlson Pet Products!

Dog next to Christmas Gift

1. Dog Gate​

The first Christmas gift idea for your pets is for the dogs! Dog gates not only make good Christmas presents for dogs- but also for dog owners. Whether you're puppy-proofing your house or are looking for ways to keep your dogs out of certain areas in your home, dog gates are a great solution that keeps everyone happy! At Carlson Pet Products, we have a ton of different dog gate options to fit your home and pet needs like:

Plus, so much more! Check out the full Carlson Pet Products dog gate collection to find the perfect one for your pet!

2. Elevated Dog Bed​

Calling all outdoor pet parents! If you love camping with your dogs or just enjoying the great outdoors with your pet, your dog will love our outdoor pet beds! Our outdoor raised dog beds have many cool features including:

  • Quick folding for easy storage
  • Canvas material for quick & effortless cleaning
  • All-steel construction for durability and safety

These outdoor pet beds are also great for giving your pet a place to dry during the summer for dog pool days! Check out both our Large Portable Pup Pet Bed and Portable Pup Ped Bed Extra Wide.

3. Cat Camper​

Alright, cat owners and other small animal parents, this next one is for you! Cats love having places to play, hide, and rest and our Cat Camper has it all! Not only does it feature a cardboard cat scratcher on top for cats, but the fun windows and door opening also creates a fun play area for many small animals including rabbits and ferrets.

Grab one for Christmas and surprise your furry little one with it already assembled under the tree!

4. Homemade Christmas Dog Treats​

Now tell us, what dog wouldn't love to have homemade Christmas dog treats waiting for them on Christmas morning under the tree and in their stockings (oh yes, we definitely have stockings for our pets!)?

With so many fun and easy Christmas dog treat recipes available online (Pinterest has a ton!), you can make delicious Christmas presents for your dog and your friend's dogs. Below are a few great recipes to try this season:

5. Dog Crate​

Preparing for a new puppy or want to start working on crate training for your dog? Dog crates are a good Christmas gift for your dog! Dog crates are designed to do many amazing things for your dog including:

  • Provide a safe space when they're feeling stressed
  • Aid in travel
  • Helps with potty training
  • Keeps them safe and away from items that could be harmful to them

Check out our full selection of Carlson Pet Products dog crates and pet pens to find the perfect size for your dog! 

P.S. Always buy a crate for the size your dog will become, not for the size they are now (this is for all the puppy parents!). 

6. Pet Stroller​


The sixth Christmas gift idea for your pets is for our small dog and cat owners! Do you wish you could take your cat with you to more places? Do you have a small dog breed that can't walk long distances? Surprise them with a pet stroller! Not only do pet strollers aid in everything mentioned above, but they also have many other benefits. 

Check out our blog post sharing the Benefits of Pet Strollers to learn four amazing benefits, tips on introducing a pet stroller to your pet, and information on our two great pet strollers!

7. Indoor Pet Ramp​

Does your pet have a hard time getting to their favorite snuggle spot in the house? Help them enjoy their favorite daily activity with an indoor pet ramp. Indoor pet ramps not only help your pet reach certain places, but they also help:

  • Protect your dog's joints by removing the added pressure from jumping
  • Aid senior pets who need additional support
  • Help certain long-backed breeds who can severely injure themselves from jumping

The Carlson Pet Products indoor pet ramp comes in two colors and has many great features:

  • No-slip ribbed carpet tread for great traction
  • Rubber feet to keep the ramp in place
  • Adjusts to four heights: 12", 16", 20" & 24"

8. New Toys​

We all know that besides homemade Christmas dog treats, the best stocking stuffer for dogs is new toys! The most important to know before getting a toy is knowing what toy is best for your dog:

  • Is your dog more destructive with their toys? Maybe like toys designed with durability in mind.
  • Do you have a herding breed type dog who loves to chase? Try a flirt pole or rolling enrichment toys.
  • Does your dog love to cuddle up with their toys and is more gentle? You can never go wrong with plush toys!

With so many different kinds of toys available, there's something out there for every dog!

9. Cat Towers and Cat Trees​

The second to last Christmas gift idea for your pets is for our furry felines! Did you know that cats love to climb and hang out in higher spaces? Your cat will be thrilled this Christmas to see a brand new Cat Tower under the tree (or maybe away from the tree, because you know, cats!). 

There are many different kinds of cat towers and cat trees available, including many in fun shapes and designs that not only are designed with the cat in mind but also your home aesthetic! Visit your local pet retailer in-store or online to find one for your feline!

10. New Activity​

The last Christmas gift idea for your pets is to sign them up for a new fun activity you can do together. While getting an actual gift is always nice for our pets, you know what they love the most? Spending time with us! 

Two activity ideas you can do with your pet are:

  • Sign up for a new dog training class
    • These aren’t all obedience. You can also sign up your dog for a trick dog class, K9 fitness class, and other fun training classes.
  • Try a dog sport
    • There are numerous dog sports you can try with your dog including agility, dock diving, scent work, fast CAT, frisbee, and more!

Which Christmas gift idea do you want to surprise your pet with this year? If we're being honest, we want them all! Our pets do so much for us and we love that we're able to spoil them on this fun and festive holiday! 

Dog sniffing Christmas gift.

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