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January 04, 2023

5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

Ah, Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year! Candlelit dinners, bouquets of flowers, and of course the perfect date…your dog of course! Every dog parent knows that the best Valentine is their dog, so why not spoil them?

Since our dogs love us more than any person ever could, here are five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your dog!

Dog with hearts around it.

1. Enjoy Dinner at a Dog-Friendly Restaurant​

Enjoy a tasty meal with your dog at one of your local dog-friendly restaurants! More and more restaurants are becoming dog-friendly with outdoor patio seating that allows dogs, and some places even allow your dogs inside!

Take a search at what’s in your area and get ready to wine and dine with your best furry friend!

2. Make Valentine’s Day Dog Treats​

Who doesn’t love a tasty Valentine’s Day treat? Head to Pinterest and find some easy homemade Valentine’s Day dog treats that you and your dog can make together!

You can even go all out by getting some Valentine’s Day cookie cutters or heart silicone molds to make the cutest, themed treats!

3. Pamper Your Pooch​

You and your dog deserve to treat yourselves, and what better way to do that than to have a spa day! There are tons of dog spas that will trim your dog’s nails, give them a full bath, trim their coat, clean their ears, and, some even do doggie facials! Your pup will feel refreshed and ready for the rest of your Valentine’s Day activities!

4. Pack a Picnic​

Two of our dog’s favorite things are being outside and eating food (we can relate!). What better way to combine the two, than to have your very own picnic with your dog!

Pack a blanket, water, a sandwich and some snacks for you and your dog and visit your favorite dog-friendly park, or create the perfect set up right in your own back yard, and enjoy a beautiful day outside!

5. Have a Valentine’s Day Photoshoot​

Probably the cutest activity is to do your very own Valentine’s Day photoshoot with your dog! 

Grab your phone, selfie stick and a few Valentine’s Day photo props and take some photos you’ll never forget! You can take it to the next level by creating your very own dog kissing booth for your photos! Visit Pinterest to learn how to make your own and make memorable Valentine’s Day photos.

Dog with hat looking at heart sucker.

We hope you have the most perfect Valentine’s Day with your pup! If you decide to have your own photoshoot, definitely tag us in your photos on Instagram @CarlsonPetProducts so we can see all of the cuteness! 

Have a Pawsome day!