Dog wearing winter hat with snow on their wiskers.

Homeless Pets

November 09, 2023

5 Ways to Help Homeless Pets During the Holidays

When most of us think of the holidays, we think of being together with all of our friends, family, and pets. Unfortunately, though, there are many homeless pets every single year who don't know what it's like to spend the holidays with a family. But there are many things we can do to ensure they have a wonderful holiday season, including the potential to find a family!

In this post, we're sharing five ways to help homeless pets during the holidays. 

Dog wearing winter hat with snow on their wiskers.

1. Make a Donation​

The first way you can help homeless pets during the holidays is to d to your local animal shelter. On a regular basis, shelters are in need of everyday supplies including food, blankets, and so much more. Reach out to your local shelter over the phone to learn how to make a donation or check their website for a potential online donation form.

You can also see if they have an Amazon wish list. Many rescues have wish lists set up where you can purchase items the shelter needs and they'll automatically be sent to the shelter!

2. Become a Foster Parent​

The second way to help homeless pets during the holidays is to consider becoming a foster parent! Being a foster parent for pets is a great way to help pets become acclimated into a home while waiting for their forever home, plus it also helps shelters make room for more pets as they're found. 

Many shelters have foster applications or you can call to learn more about how they work with fosters. Being a foster parent for pets is a very rewarding job and can make a huge difference in a pet’s life. 

3. Volunteer at Your Local Shelter​

Looking to spread some holiday cheer this holiday season? Volunteer at your local animal shelter! Rescues are always in need of volunteers to help clean, walk, play, and do so much more with their shelter and animals inside. 

By helping out at these shelters, keeping them clean, and interacting with the pets, not only do you create a nice environment for future adopters to enter, but you're also helping keep pets in good spirits, which makes all of our hearts warm!

4. Host a Fundraiser ​

Want to make a large donation to your favorite animal shelter? Try hosting a fundraiser! Nowadays there are so many different ways you can do this. Below are some fun ideas to try:

  • Host a dog bake sale
  • Create a GoFundMe page
  • Host a raffle with donations from local retailers

5. Share Photos of Adoptable Pets Online​

Last but not least, the fifth way to help homeless pets during the holidays is to spread awareness for adoptable pets. Many shelters have social media pages that feature their available pets. The easiest way to help a shelter is to share features of their adoptable pets to help them get adopted! You never know who from your friend list might be looking and will find their new furry family member because of you!

All five of these options are wonderful ways to help homeless pets during the holidays and will make a huge impact not only in the pet’s lives- but for your life as well.

Black dog with snow on their face.

Which idea are you most excited to try first? Any and all are great places to start! If you have any questions at all about ways to help, contact your local animal shelters to learn more about their current needs and ways you can help support them!