White dog in a forest being hugged by girl.

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August 21, 2023

5+ Dog Essentials for Fall

Even though afternoon dog pool parties are coming to an end, crisp fall hiking trips and more fun fall adventures are on the way! With the new season comes new gear that our dogs will need to stay safe, warm and happy. In this post we'll be sharing 5+ dog essentials for fall!

White dog in a forest being hugged by girl.

1. Reflective Dog Gear and/or LED Dog Gear​

As the days start to get shorter, it's important that both dogs and owners stay visible in the darker mornings and evenings on walks and other outdoor outings. Investing in reflective dog gear and LED dog gear can be the difference between a car seeing you or not. You can find reflective dog harnesses, reflective dog collars, light up LED dog collars and more to keep you and your dog safe in the dark.

2. Portable Dog Bowls​

Even though it's not as hot, keeping your dog hydrated is super important. When heading out on any dog-friendly hikes or outdoor fall adventures, make sure to bring either a portable dog water bottle or a water bottle and portable dog bowl for your dog. Many of these can attach to your hiking backpacks with a carabiner!

3. Dog Boots​

In the summer, we kept our dogs paws protected from the hot summer pavement with dog boots. Now, we're protecting them from the different terrain and textures that the fall weather brings and allows us to explore! If you plan on going on dog-friendly hikes this fall or exploring new dog-friendly trails, look into getting a pair of dog boots for your pup to keep their paws protected from new surfaces like rocks, gravel, and other debris that might be encountered along the way. Also, depending on how cold it gets near you, or how quickly winter approaches, there are also dog boots designed for even colder weather like snow!

4. Raised Dog Beds​

Do you love spending your evenings or mornings with your dog sitting outside enjoying the fresh cool air? Or perhaps you've got a fall camping trip planned with your dog? Raised dog beds are a great way to keep your dog off the ground, away from bugs, while also providing them their own spot to relax and enjoy all of the cool air and smells around them. Check out our collapsible raised dog beds in 3 colors and sizes to bring on your next outdoor adventure! 

5. Dog Jackets and Coats​

Not every dog will need a dog jacket or coat, but they can have many benefits. If you have a short-haired breed, senior dog or skinny dog, having an extra layer can be very beneficial to keeping them warm. You may also want to invest in a waterproof coat/jacket if you know you'll be encountering rain or snow. These jackets will not only keep your dog warm, but can also keep their fur from matting. 

6. Dog Flea & Tick Prevention​

Over the years it has been said that you don't need to keep your dog on flea and tick prevention in the cooler months since those pests aren't as active compared to the warm, muggy months of the summer. This is completely false! Keeping your dog protected year-round with flea & tick prevention will keep them safe, especially if you plan on enjoying more outdoor adventures in the cooler temperatures.

dog sitting on a stump of a tree in a forest. 

Looking for fun activities to do with your dog this fall? Check out our blog post sharing 10+ Fall Activities To Do With Your Animals for tons of inspiration. If you're headed on any fun adventures with your pups with our raised dog beds, we'd love to see! Tag us in your photos on Instagram @carlsonpetproducts!