5 New Year’s Goals for You and Your Pet

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November 28, 2022

5 New Year’s Goals for You and Your Pet

Do you love to make New Year’s Resolutions each year? We do too! However, did you know that every year many resolutions aren’t kept? The easiest way to stay on track with your resolutions is to have an accountability partner. We might be a bit biased, but what better accountability partner is there than your pet?

In this post, we’ll be sharing 5 New Year’s goals for you and your pet that you can get started on right now!

Woman holding her dog in a living room.

1. Learn Something New

Do you have a side hustle that you’re hoping to turn into your full-time job, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to try a new hobby or sport like surfing? Learning something new is always a great idea and you’re never too old to start!

This also applies to your dog! We’ve all heard the saying: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and as fellow pet parents, we all know that’s a lie! Go on Pinterest, Google, Instagram, or to your local library for books on dog tricks. Teaching your dog a new trick is a great way to improve your bond with your dog, and your dog will love showing off all of their new skills!

2. Travel More​

Do you know our favorite part about this New Year’s goal? Just because we said the word travel, doesn’t mean you have to go anywhere far away! You’d be surprised at all of the amazing local places you have right in your backyard.

There are tons of dog-friendly restaurants, pubs/bars, dog parks, and more that you can take day trips to. If you want to go somewhere for the weekend, you can also find tons of dog-friendly hotels, AirBnB’s, and VRBO’s near you right from their websites!

3. Exercise More/Try A New Work Out Activity​

Working out as a New Year’s Resolution might seem cliché, but can be one of the most fun resolutions out there, especially when you have a partner!

There are so many different ways you can work out with your dog like running, biking, hiking, walking, and more. There are also K9 Fitness classes that you can sign up for where your dog can learn how to improve their core strength and other muscles by using specially designed canine fitness gear.

You can also introduce your dog to a new sport like dock diving, agility, and flyball! All of these activities are great ways to create a deeper bond with your dog while watching them have the time of their lives!

4. Try New Foods​

Not the chef in the house? Don’t sweat it! Try starting small with some easy 2-3 ingredient recipes that could become your new favorite. You don’t have to go all out to make something delicious.

Speaking of which, did you know there are also tons of dog and cat treat recipes on Pinterest that have only a couple ingredients? You can find easy n, frozen or baked dog treat recipes online that can be as advanced or basic as you want! The best part, if you mess up, your dog won’t tell on you!

5. Be Present​

Last but not least is to be present. Have you ever seen those videos on Instagram or TikTok where someone is enjoying a beautiful moment with their dog in either a stunning location or just in their backyard? One of the biggest life lessons our pets can teach us is to be present and enjoy the moment.

This year, make the effort to set aside more time to just stop for a moment and enjoy the present. There’s no doubt that your dog won’t be right there beside you, cuddled up, enjoying all of the amazing smells!

Woman walking pet stroller outside.

What New Year’s goals would you like to set for you and your pet? We’d love to know! Share with us on Instagram @carlsonpetproducts and keep us updated throughout the year! We can’t wait to see all of the fun adventures you have with your pets!