Soba: A Scruffy Bundle of Sunshine

Dog Rescue Stories

November 29, 2017

Soba: A Scruffy Bundle of Sunshine

If you are less familiar with rescued pups, hearing the term “adopted” or “rescued” may conjure up images of scary, adult dogs with behavioral issues.

While that is true in some cases (we’ve seen some pretty impressive transformations!), sometimes rescued dogs are tiny, scruffy-looking, rays of sunshine right from the get go.

Soba was one of the lucky rays of sunshine. Her adoption story encourages everyone to adopt, and proves that adopted dogs come in all sets of personalities and looks.

scruffy puppy in green grass

How did you rescue Soba?

I was looking on Petfinder for months for the right dog, and I fell in love with her. Once I found out I was approved for the adoption I immediately flew from Boston to Philadelphia. Then I drove another 2 hours to Harrisburg where I picked her up from a foster home.

Why did you decide to rescue Soba

I am a firm believer in pet rescue and adoption because there are so many wonderful animals that need homes. Adoption helps reduce the demand for puppies from Puppy Mills. It also reduces the number of animals that are put down because they cannot find homes.

I specifically chose Soba because she is so stinking cute. I knew I wanted a puppy because all the other dogs I have adopted in the past were adults, so I did not have as much time with them.

Scruffy dog sleeping on it's back with a harness

How has the rescue changed Soba’s life?

Soba and her siblings would have been sent to a kill shelter in Kentucky if not for the adoption group that brought them to Pennsylvania for a better shot at finding a forever home.

Soba is now a city girl who lives a great life in Boston, MA! She has many friends in the dog park across the street. She also goes on hiking and camping adventures with us!

How has the rescue impacted your own life?

I cannot begin to describe how much Soba has improved my life. Waking up to her happy face or seeing her chase her tail in excitement when I come home from work are some of the greatest feelings in the world.

She can also read emotions very well. If I am having a bad day or feeling down she knows to snuggle in my lap and lick my face until she can get a smile out of me.