Rescue Story: Emily of Pups On Par

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October 09, 2018

Rescue Story: Emily of Pups On Par

Sarah knew that many pups out there needed a home and knew that she could do something to change the life of at least one dog. After being surrendered as a puppy, Emily and her litter mates were in Maryland, in need of loving homes.

“Emily has been a handful since day one. She was ten weeks old when we brought her home and she’s still a ball of energy at three years old. Emily is very smart and clever … she learns things very fast and can manipulate her way out of getting in trouble.”

Emily wasn’t the only pup in her parents’ lives, as they had a six-year-old dog named Lucy.

“It was love at first sight with those two. I thought it might be a hard adjustment for Lucy bringing a puppy into our home, but that wasn’t the case at all. She just fell in love with Emily instantly and was very motherly towards her. Emily just took right to her as well. They truly are the best of friends and Emily looks up to her big sister to this day.”

For those who don’t already know, Lucy and Emily are the adorable pups of Instagram, @pupsonpar. Not only are these two cute, they also are great helpers on the golf course.

“Emily is puddle obsessed. What I mean by that, is she is obsessed with biting the puddle splashes the golf cart makes when you drive through them. She spins around like crazy trying to go after them. We call her the Tasmanian Puddle Pouncer. She also enjoys chasing geese and looking for critters too.”

Like any rescue household, the adoption has changed more than just Emily’s life.

“I would say it has made our family more complete. There have been lots of funny memories added to our family and we wouldn’t change them for the world. She is truly a character and we’ve never met another pup like her.”

If you’re thinking about rescuing a pet, “Go for it! They bring so much joy to your heart and home. I’ve never met anyone that has regretted it.”

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Emily was rescued from:
Lonely Hearts Animal Rescue in Frederick Maryland