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Small Breed 3 Panel Wooden Freestanding Pet Gate

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An essential tool for homes with pets, the Carlson Small Breed Foldable Freestanding Pet Gate is useful for quick set ups when you need to corral or limit dogs to a specific area of the house.
The freestanding gate frame is constructed with New Zealand pine with a cherry finish, while the interior bars of the gate boasts an all-steel construction.
This compact gate has three panels that tri-fold for easy storage. To use, just fold out and stand.
To provide sturdiness to the freestanding pet gate, each gate panel should be turned slightly to block the space in your home.
Ideal for small breeds, the foldable freestanding gate is just 20” tall and stands within an opening between 22”-62” wide.
It also comes equipped with a small pet door to allow your dog to pass through if wanted.
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Product Description

Carlson Small Breed 3 Panel Wooden Freestanding Pet Gate

  • Color: New Zealand Pine with Cherry finish and black metal bars
  • Fits openings between 22”-62”
  • Stands 20” tall
  • Tri-fold gate, sets up in seconds
  • Convenient step over design
  • Freestanding – no mounting between walls
  • Equipped with a 9.5” H x 8” W pet door
  • Model #2066

Sturdy Construction, Quick Installation

The Small Breed 3 Panel Wooden Freestanding Pet Gate mixes functionality with style, featuring a New Zealand Pine wood frame with black metal panels. 

Standing 20” high, the pet gate is a perfect height to step over and is ideal when you need to coral your pets to an area of the house or limit their access for a short period of time.

The gate will fit openings between 22”-62”. To set up, just fold the gate out and stand it where needed. It functions best when each gate panel is turned slightly – like an accordion. 

Packable, Portable, Convenient

The gate is lightweight, portable and compact – making it easy to use between various openings around the home or store before guests arrive.

The three-panel gate folds, like an accordion, onto itself for compact storage and ease of moving. 

What’s Included in The Box

  • One Carlson Small Breed 3 Panel Wooden Freestanding Pet Gate 

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