Large Portable Dog Cot - Tan

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Perfect for home, travel, pet day care, picnics, and camping, the Carlson Large Portable Dog Cot was designed for easy transportation. The cot style bed provides an elevate, comfortable place for your pet to rest.
Fitting medium to large breeds effortlessly, the 48” long portable pup can set up in seconds and folds to fit in an easy to transport carrying case.
Designed to hold up to the everyday use of your pup, the versatile portable pup is durable, safety, and convenient.
Sturdy canvas material lines the cot, reinforcing the edges for added security and comfort. The fold-and-go design of the portable dog cot is ideal for the adventurous family that still wants to include their pup!

Product Description

Carlson Large Portable Dog Cot

    • Color: Tan
    • Dimensions: 48” L  x 26” W x 9” H
    • Ideal for medium to large breeds
    • Sets up and folds down in seconds for storage/travel
    • Easy carry case included
    • Durable, waterproof nylon is easily washable
    • Sturdy, all-metal frame
    • Model: #8020

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Sturdy Construction, Quick Installation

Because you want a sturdy bed for your dog to lounge on, the Carlson Large Portable Dog Cot is made entirely of steel. The sturdy canvas material features reinforced stitching on all corners for added security. 

The portable nature of the bed requires set up to be simple. We designed the portable dog bed to set up in seconds and fold down compactly with a single motion. 

To open from the closed position, just push down on the sides until it fully stretches out. To fold, just grab each side and push in. It’s that simple. 

Portable, Lightweight, Washable

Whether your dog is at home, at doggie day care, in a hotel room, spending time at the park or camping for the weekend, the Carlson Portable Dog Cot is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. 

Once folded, secure the bed in its carry case to make traveling with the bed a breeze. Although our dog cot only weighs four pounds, it is designed to handle up to 95 pounds. At 48” L  x 26” W x 9” H, the bed provides ample room for your medium to large dog to relax. 

Begging to be traveled with, the portable dog beds compact nature allows it to fit in a standard sized suitcase, so everyone can have their own sleeping space when spending the night away from home. 

Because we know dogs have a tendency to make a mess, the Carlson Large Portable Dog Cot is made from heavy-duty, waterproof nylon. The liner cleans up quickly with a damp cloth and soap to keep the bed clean and sanitary. 

What’s Included in The Box

    • One Carlson Large Portable Dog Cot
    • One Carry Bag
    • Instruction Manual

The Carlson Large Portable Dog Cot is backed by a manufacturer’s limited 90-day warranty. Carlson’s products are designed specifically for your pet and suit all breeds and lifestyles. 

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