Extension Pack for Flexi Pet Gate & Extra Tall Flexi Pet Gate

$39.99 - $52.99
Compatible with Model #1510PW, 1510HPW
Compatible gate extensions allow you to make the Carlson Pet Gate you purchased even more versatile. Extensions come in 24” panels.
Once you have carefully chosen an extension, installation is a breeze. Simply unscrew the locking knob, remove the toothed disk and the metal pivot bar. Join the extension to the end, replace the metal pivot bar and toothed disk, and lock it in place

Product Description

This extension is ONLY compatible with the Flexi and Extra Tall Flexi Pet Gate #1510PW, 1510HPW

    • Odd and Even extensions are available in white and beige.
    • Beige 30” Tall Even Extension: Model #0400
    • Beige 30” Tall Odd Extension: Model #0410
    • Beige 38” Tall Even Extension: Model #0420
    • Beige 38” Tall Odd Extension: Model #0430
    • White 30” Tall Odd and Even 2 Pack: Model #0030
    • White 38” Tall Odd and Even 2 Pack: Model #0038

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  • 5
    Easy to install

    Posted by Jennifer Stirling on Nov 15th 2017

    Well made and super easy to install. Very happy with the way it looks too; makes a perfect semi-circle. Sturdy and clean.

  • 2
    Not happy

    Posted by Kristen Whitten on Sep 8th 2017

    I ordered the extension pack on 9/1 for which it still hasnt been shipped which is absolutely ridiculous. Also, i bought these extensions after buying the extra tall flexi gate and the maxi extensions for it. It is extremely confusing having similar gates with similar names. So after realizing this I turned around and bought the Flexi gate extensions to only find out that there is an "odd" gate and an "even" gate. No where in the instructions or online did it explain this. So i called explaining how I was trying to attach an even extension piece to the wall to then again come to find out i need ANOTHER additional male piece for which i was told would be mailed to me. Needless to say I still have not recieved the males pieces or my flexi extension pieces. This is the most ridiculous situation for just simply wanting a dog gate. I have been dealing with this for a month now since first ordering the first gate and still have not got all the pieces. Never have i been so displeased with a company. You know its bad when you call customer service and they say they have to put you on hold to study the manual because they too are confused. What a mess of a gate.

  • 4
    Very Nice, But...

    Posted by Mark W Lentz on Sep 3rd 2017

    The product is very good, however the instructions to add the extensions are pretty much worthless. They do not tell you there is only a certain way to add them

  • 1
    Wrong Item/ Poor Customer Service

    Posted by Kasi on Aug 23rd 2017

    Hello, On August 4th I ordered a Carlson gate through Walmart. Once the gate was delivered and I realized I needed extensions I called the customer service number on the box stating to call for extensions. I called on 08/14/2017 @ 12:44 pm. Once I was connected with a customer service rep. I told her that I was on my lunch break & would need assistance ordering parts to be sure I didn't order the incorrect ones. She did inform me that if I ordered by phone it would be a little more expensive. I then proceeded to go online to your web page and again asked for her assistance as I have already been waiting to install gates. She proceeded to direct me to select the "correct extension package". At this point in the conversation she seemed a bit irritated by my need for help. I submitted my order with the direction she provided. Today I opened the box learning that the wrong extensions were ordered. At this point I am frustrated and its going to be practically a months time that has past before I am able to install gates in my home. I would like a full refund ASAP. & it would be greatly appreciated if you can send a postage paid box for the return of your incorrect extensions. Thank you!