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Extension for Pet Yard and Super Wide Pet Gate

$39.99 - $49.99
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Compatible with Model #2200DS 2200PY, 2400PM, 2450, 2600HW
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Compatible gate extensions allow you to make the Carlson Pet Gate you purchased even more versatile. Extensions come in 24” panels.
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Once you have carefully chosen an extension, installation is a breeze. Simply unscrew the locking knob, remove the toothed disk and the metal pivot bar. Join the extension to the end, replace the metal pivot bar and toothed disk, and lock it in place

Product Description

This extension is ONLY compatible with the Convertible Pet Yard and Super Gate #2200DS 2200PY, 2400PM, 2450, 2600HW

Odd and Even extensions are available in white and beige.

  • Beige Even Extension: Model #0440
  • Beige Odd Extension: Model #0450
  • White Odd and Even 2 Pack Extension: Model #0028