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Design Paw Extra Tall Pet Gate

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Short Description
The Carlson Design Paw Extra Tall Pet Gate is a chew-proof way to protect both your pet and your home, plus fit your décor style.
Short Description
Made of an all-steel construction, the durable pet gate can handle everyday use. Standing an extra tall 37” tall, the gate can fit openings between 30”-41.5”
Short Description
It features a walk-through gate for humans and an 8” x 8” pet door for small animals to pass through.
Short Description
To install, pressure-mount the gate with the included rubberized spindle rods. You can also use the wall cups to hardware mount the gate.

Product Description

Carlson Design Paw Extra Tall Pet Gate 

  • Color: Black finish with cherry wood accents
  • Expands to fit openings between 30”-41.5”
  • Stands 37” tall
  • Easy open slide handle that automatically locks when pushed closed
  • Convenient walk through design
  • Features a 8” x 8” door for small pets to pass through
  • Easy set up with pressure mounts, some assembly required
  • Hardware to mount to wall
  • Two 4" extensions included
  • Sturdy, all metal frame
  • Model #1140

What’s Included in The Box

  • One Carlson Design Paw Extra Tall Pet Gate
  • Instruction Manual
  • One 4-inch extension kit
  • One 4-inch extension kit
  • Four threaded spindle rods
  • Four adjustable hand wheels
  • Four screws
  • Four wall cups

The Carlson Design Paw Extra Tall Pet Gate is backed by a manufacturer’s limited 90-day warranty. Carlson’s gates are designed specifically for your pet. Instead of repurposing baby gates, Carlson has created a solution that suits all breeds and lifestyles.

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