What 4 Experts Bring When Camping With Dogs


August 08, 2018

What 4 Experts Bring When Camping With Dogs

Packing for a trip can be overwhelming and camping is no exception—especially if you’re bringing the whole family. You never what the weather may do or what accessories will be necessary and before you know it, you’re talking about buying a bigger car just to fit everything in. Although we can’t do the actual packing for you, we can give you an idea of the top items to bring when camping with dogs!

We decided to ask four of our favorite Instagram influencers their top items to bring when camping with dogs. Here’s what they had to say!

Jessica and Gretel

A dog bed and blanket for around camp. My bed of choice is the Carlson Pet Products Dog Cot. I may lay another dog bed or blanket on it, but I like that it keeps her off the damp ground and elevated so she’s unlikely to get stepped on.

Dog towels are a must to wipe the dirt off your dog before they get in your lap or in your tent. Microfiber towels are the best for camping because they will dry quickly when you hang them. My number one choice for microfiber towels is the PackTowl Luxe because the texture is like an actual towel, not a glorified chamois. The fibers are not loops that feel weird to the touch or “sticky.” I bring different colors for dogs and people, so we don’t get them confused.

Callie and Winnie

While we always end up bringing lots of things along for Winnie on our backcountry camping trip (spoiled girl), the first thing I prioritize is packing a natural flea/tick spray. As soon as we get to our destination I spray Winnie down before she steps foot on a trail because flea and ticks run pretty rampant in certain areas of the PNW. We’ve used Cedarcide and Wondercide and have been happy with the results of both.

The second thing(s) we prioritize are food/treats/water. Winnie normally eats frozen raw patties at home, so for backpacking, we utilize dehydrated raw food. It packs well and is easy to rehydrate! We always pack plenty of treats to emphasize training opportunities on the trails!

The third thing is something for Winnie to lay on around the campsite to get her off the ground away from the bugs and dirt. For this, we love her cot and/or lightweight blankets!

Caitlin, Marley & Cooper

My top two things I bring camping are Marley and Cooper!

But really, aside from the essentials, my two must-haves for camping with dogs are treats, lots and lots of treats, and a comfy place for them to land at the end of the day. Both Marley and Cooper are very food motivated, so treats are of the utmost importance to keep them focused on us and for photo ops of course. While Marley and Cooper are perfectly fine laying the dirt, I like to bring along a sleeping mat or our Carlson Pet Cot for hanging by the campfire.

Elizabeth and Rocket

The Portable Pet Pen – This is a life changer for me when it comes to camping with my dog. I no longer have to worry about finding a safe place to keep Rocket while setting up and taking down camp. The pet pen is very simple to set up and the mesh makes it easy for Rocket to keep a close eye on us! It’s also perfect for when we are sitting around the fire eating dinner. Rocket has the freedom to move around and we don’t have to worry about him.

The other item I don’t leave home without is an all-natural paw protector. It’s a blend of waxes and oils that create a barrier between your dog’s paws and the elements. Whether the ground is really hot or the terrain is rough, the wax will help provide protection to keep Rocket’s paws safe. We use PawTection by Natural Dog Company.

What do you bring when camping with your pups? Tell us on Instagram!