Using a Portable Pet Pen for Crate Training Your Puppy

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January 10, 2018

Using a Portable Pet Pen for Crate Training Your Puppy

In a perfect world, dog owners would be able to devote their entire day to raising the perfect puppy. But for some new dog owners, a puppy comes into our life when we least expected it. For me, a tiny, energetic puppy came frolicking into my life during my last semester of school as a surprise gift.

Even though I was incredibly excited to have my dream puppy, my schedule was hectic. I would have to get creative with my training methods as I headed towards school finals. The two most challenging issues I faced were crate training and potty training. Introducing the Portable Pet Pen into my training routine, turned out to be a helpful tool.

4 white dogs in portable pet pen

Crating with a Portable Pet Pen

When I first got my puppy, I immediately went out and bought a wire crate. Little did I know, crate training was a process that involved more time than I was prepared for. I tried getting my puppy comfortable enough in his crate for me to leave him in it for a couple of hours when I left. But, with little time to dedicate to the process, the crate did not become a happy place for my pup.

My puppy, Sigmund, would whine and cry as I would try to leave, making me feel completely guilty as I left (we ALL know that feeling).

I decided to give the Portable Pet Pen a shot as it was far more spacious and seemed less intimidating for a young dog. My little puppy seemed to be less anxious by being able to have a clear view of the room I was leaving him in.

The pet pen allowed me to contain my puppy in a safe area away from things he might chew on. I would also leave a dish of water, a pee pad and a toy to keep him busy without making him feel cramped.

Crate Training with a Pet Pen

Once I had more dedicated time to crate train my puppy, the pet pen proved to be an essential tool for transitioning him to a traditional crate. Training him to get used to the barriers without feeling anxious was a main issue that I encountered.

Crate training began in the portable pet pen. I rewarded him with treats when he was calm, and gradually increased the time spent in his pen. I started with a few minutes and increased it up to an hour at a time.

When it came time to transition to the traditional wire care, my puppy was familiar with the concept of being contained. So, the second go around with create training was much more successful. Sigmund faced less anxiety towards his crate and was happier to hang out for a while as I ran errands.

4 white puppies in portable pet pen

Potty Training with a Pet Pen

I would try to keep an eye on my puppy as I studied, but it was almost impossible to catch him as he wandered around my room looking for a place to pee.

His separation anxiety made it impossible to crate him, using a pet pen was the perfect solution. I set up the Portable Pet Pen in whatever room I happened to be in. This allowed me to keep a better eye out for when he began to do the “pee” dance. I would then be able to scoop him up and take him outside. The openness of the pet pen also made it easier to give him attention, toys and treats. Or, keep him busy as I made dinner or read. In the event that he had an accident in his pen, the mesh was easy to clean. This was, unlike his crate which required unhinging the floor and rinsing the gross bathroom mess from the corners.

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