Top Questions to Ask When Booking a Pet-Friendly Hotel

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December 14, 2020

Top Questions to Ask When Booking a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Pets are part of the family, and many people decide to bring their pets along on their travel plans. If you aren’t the camping type, the chances of staying in a hotel or Airbnb are high. Treat your hotel like a rental to make sure your pet is even allowed. Some places have limitations on the age or the amount of pets you can have. Make sure you ask these top questions when booking a pet-friendly hotel on your next trip.

Are there any extra fees or deposits?


Always make sure there are no hidden fees or costs before booking a room. Hotels will try to tack on extra cleaning fees if there is a pet, even though they only delegate certain rooms to pet-friendly families. A deposit is a great idea just in case your pet were to damage anything. However, make sure it is refundable and not overly excessive. If you plan to go with an Airbnb, message the owner and explain your situation. Usually, you can work out a great deal that makes both parties happy, especially if your pet is well behaved.

What amenities do you have for my pet?

Hotels that allow pets don’t often think about the grass requirements for some dogs for potty time. Some dogs can go right away on concrete or any areas. However, if your dog needs a long walk in the grass before they do their business, be sure to ask what is around the hotel. If you plan on staying at a fancy hotel, some have leash-free areas, sitters on call, special beds, gift bags, and towels for your dog! Many places with a pool don’t allow dogs to swim, but that would just be another huge bonus.

What happens if my pet destroys something?

As well-behaved as you think your pet may be, there is always a chance for destruction if they are left unattended or are a young puppy. You want to make sure that the hotel won’t come after you if your puppy destroys something small. If you think your pet may have an accident in the room, bring a carpet spray with you. Clean it up to the best of your ability and notify the staff to make sure the carpet is cleaned according to their protocol. This is not just your carpet at home; other people have to stay in the room after you and your pet.

Can I leave my pet alone in the room?

More questions to ask when booking a pet-friendly hotel revolve around your pet’s behavior alone. Can your pet can be left alone in the room when you are not there? Every pet can react differently when left alone, especially in an unfamiliar area. If your dog is used to a kennel, bring it with you. There is no shame in bringing the things from home to make them feel more comfortable and quiet throughout the day. Some hotels have a strict policy to not leave your pet unattended in the room so it doesn’t disrupt neighbors.

People go to hotels to get away from home, to relax, and spend time on vacation. They do not want to hear a barking dog and you will most likely be fined for this disruption. So make sure you plan ahead if you are leaving your room. Ask for doggie daycare recommendations and pet sitter contacts. You could also make your vacation dog-friendly and bring them along for all of the adventures during your trip!

How many pets are allowed per room?

Many hotels don’t allow more than one pet in each room. This is usually due to small size and the reduced potential for noise. If you have more than one dog, there may not be room for both of their kennels either. Ask your hotel what their policy is before sneaking in another one or two dogs! There are hotels that are rented out for dog shows, so you may be surprised how many dogs you are allowed to have per room if they truly want to accommodate all pet lovers.

Do you have any weight or age restrictions?

Just like rentals, hotels also judge a dog based on it’s age and size. It doesn’t matter how well-behaved it may be. They believe that an older, smaller dog will not cause as much damage or make as much noise. If you know dogs, this is definitely not the case! But, check with your hotel to see if they ban puppies or don’t allow large breed dogs like Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds. 

We wish you all the best on your trip! Just be sure to be transparent about what you want and flexible with the hotel. This might be the best vacation ever with your pup by your side!

What other questions should you ask when booking a pet-friendly hotel? Share your recommendations in the comments.

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