Top 5 Pet Training Accounts

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March 15, 2021

Top 5 Pet Training Accounts

Who to Follow and Why

It’s easy – and fun – to fill your Instagram feed with gorgeous dogs romping along mountain ridges or through the forest. What could be better than that? As a matter of fact, if you truly love dogs and want to use your social media scrolling as a way to learn, there are great Instagram accounts for learning more about dog training and dog behavior. Check out these top 5 pet training accounts that are some of our favorites to follow and why.

All of these offer sound training advice using science-backed positive reinforcement training methods. Most offer a variety of video tutorials, infographics, and cute dog photos. If you want purely fun dog photos they’re not it! We’ll include some of our favorite eye-candy influencers at the bottom of this article.

From Dusk to Dog

Noble Woof


Thinking Canine





We hope you find these top 5 pet training accounts on Instagram helpful!

Also, we’ve included a few of our favorite accounts of adventure dogs that you might enjoy. Of course, these accounts are not behavior experts, so don’t go to them for training advice – but they’re beautiful anyway!

Eye-candy adventure dog accounts to follow:

  • Beachcomber Dogs: A cute scruffy mini Schnauzer, an Australian shepherd, a cat, and their person explore the beaches and rainforests around Vancouver. This account is beautiful and sure to bring a smile!
  • Our Desert Adventure: This account follows a beautiful white bulldog mix and his owner exploring the southwestern United States. The desert adventure shots are beautiful and sure to inspire dog-fueled wanderlust!
  • Collies Without Borders: This account features two border collies exploring Montana and the rest of the world doing conservation biology work and road-tripping around to chase mountaintops. The feed is mostly dog and travel photos, however, there is scent and detection training content on the feed also.

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