Styx MacGee: Rescued in the Nick of Time

Adopting A Dog

October 06, 2017

Styx MacGee: Rescued in the Nick of Time

If you’ve ever lived with a dog, it’s hard to imagine life without your fury friend. It’s even harder to imagine never meeting them in the first place. For the family of Styx Macgee, that was almost the case. Luckily, this family rescued Styx in the nick of time by a loving family. In addition to going on outdoor adventures, this adorable pooch is one of the many dogs hoping to end any negative stigma that may still exist with rescue dogs.

Here’s what his owner said about how they adopted Styx and the impacts it has made on their life.

What made you decide to rescue Styx MacGee?

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We decided to rescue Dino who we named Styx MacGee because we just knew he was the right dog for us. There are so many wonderful dogs that need homes. Our dog is a perfect example. The litter was scheduled for euthanasia, and it was his foster mom who saved them all. We would have missed out on a fantastic dog had it not been for her.

Is Styx impacted by the rescue?

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Rescue gave my dog life. If Styx had not been rescued, his life would have ended at eight weeks old. Now he is a gorgeous, two-year-old dog. He is registered with AKC as a Canine Good Citizen. He has a great life, a warm bed, and people and kitties who love him.

If I think about what could have been, I cry. Because of this, I am passionate about rescue and I encourage my friends to adopt/rescue dogs. People ask about Styx as we are out and about, and I tell them he was rescued. We need to wipe out the stigma that a rescue is a dog no one wants. Rescue dogs are amazing!

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