Salty: the smiling Greyhound

Adoption Story

January 15, 2018

Salty: the smiling Greyhound

Some dogs seem to have all the personality. Salty is one pup whose personality shines through just by looking at her. With a fancy wardrobe and distinct smile, Salty radiates a joy for life. Turns out not only is Salty adorable, but this fabulous pup comes with a story.  From being a former racing dog to a dog in desperate need of a human to rescue her – read the unique adoption story of Salty: the smiling Greyhound.

a white greyhound wearing a fuzzy coat

How did you rescue Salty?

We got Salty from a wonderful rescue group, Gumtree Greys (@gumtreegreys). They rescued Salty when she was 5 years old and was no longer fast enough to race. We saw her on Gumtree Greys website and fell in love straight away.

Why did you decide to rescue her?

We chose a rescue greyhound because they make such wonderful pets! And they are especially good pets to have in an apartment as they don’t smell, they sleep a lot, they’re pretty lazy and they don’t tend to bark. Plus, they are super-dooper snugglers!

It was important to us to get a rescue dog because there are so many beautiful, loving, sweet dogs waiting for a home. There is a rescue dog for every type of family, they’re just waiting for you to take them home.

close up of white greyhound with a polkadot scarf

How has the rescue changed Salty’s life?

Sadly, the racing industry breeds so many dogs that only a fraction of them get rehomed when they can’t race. We hate to think what would have happened to our beautiful Salty if she wasn’t rescued.

Now Salty lives an inner-city hipster life! Such a change from racing kennels!

Salty catches the train with us, loves going to the pub or café, she even has her own bike trailer for more active adventures! Salty loves walking on the beach and sniffing the sea air, and exploring the beautiful forests around Victoria.

She has lots of silly outfits too. A good coat is important in Melbourne. But Melbourne is a stylish city so it’s important to look good, especially if you’re a greyhound -they were owned by royalty you know!

Wearing cute outfits also encourages people to change their misconceptions about greyhounds. A lot of people are surprised by how gentle, soft and cuddly they are. So, our silly outfits help more greyhounds get rescued.

How has the rescue impacted your own life?

Having Salty in our lives is so much better than we could have ever imagined! She is absolutely hilarious, especially when she chatters her teeth in excitement and shows off her cute overbite, and is unconditionally loving, always asking for a belly rub.

Salty makes exploring our neighborhood and beyond so much fun. Her joy at going for a walk, getting fresh air and exercise, is so infectious.

white greyhound behind 4 glasses of beer