RV and Camping List for Traveling with Your Dog


April 09, 2024

RV and Camping List for Traveling with Your Dog

There is nothing more fun than bringing your dog on a trip! Traveling a long distance can be hard, so you want to make sure you are prepared for anything. Whether you are taking out the RV or camping and traveling around here is a list of some things your dog will certainly need:

Dog Beds

They will need a place to rest during the day and at night. A nice memory foam bed with raised sides is perfect for a long night’s rest on the bumpy road. Our raised beds provide ample air circulation under your dog, keeping them cool during a hot day. 

Pen or Gate

It is helpful to keep small dogs in a pen, so they can have some time off leash. They can be great for puppies who like to put everything in their mouth too. A gate for the door of the RVs to keep your dog inside is a good idea if they aren’t trained to be off leash.

First Aid Kit

You never know what will happen while camping or traveling. You should include gauze, tape, and antibiotic spray for any lacerations or cuts. The kit should also include some tweezers, scissors, flashlights and towels. 

Food and Bowls

Probably a no-brainer, but you should always bring their food and some extra, just in case. Fresh water should always be available near the campsite in a travel bowl. Treats will also be helpful in case you do some training or enrichment games during your trip. If you dog has anxiety during the car ride or in new place, try calming treats or CBD oil. If those have not worked in the past, please see your vet before the trip to get some medication.

Toys and Bones

It is important for your dogs to have something to do while camping or in the RV. Make sure to bring all their favorite toys, blankets, and bones that won’t damage their teeth. It might be nice to pick up some new ones to make the whole experience positive and fun! Or you can make this fun DIY snuffle mat too!

Preventatives and Medications

You should always bring flea and tick and heartworm prevention if you will be gone for more than a month. If your dog is on any medications, make sure you stock up before the trip, because it can be a nightmare to get prescriptions in a different part of the country. Another good idea is to bring a copy of their veterinary records in case they have to see a vet in another area. You always want to show proof of a rabies vaccine, so keep their tag on them at all times. 

You can always bring brushes, nail clippers, and more if you are going to be gone for a long time. So the next time you get ready to take an RV or camping trip make sure to check out this list for traveling with your dog. As long as you have what your dog need, they will have an amazing time exploring and adventuring with you!