Rowan: A Senior Pup with a Lot of Love to Give

Dog Rescue Stories

November 13, 2017

Rowan: A Senior Pup with a Lot of Love to Give

It’s easy to gravitate to the perfect-looking puppies, but dogs come in all types of sizes, colors, and shapes. For one owner, the perfect dog came with a little tuft of hair and a crooked jaw.

Meet Rowan, the senior rescue dog with a unique look and a whole lot of love to give. Rowan’s story is the perfect example of saving a pup you feel needs your love and affection, instead of buying a puppy from a pet store.

How did you rescue Rowan?

 I actually found Rowan’s photos on Instagram. He was on a rescue site from Pittsburg. I immediately fell in love with him.

Why did you decide to rescue Rowan?

small brown dog on blanket

Rowan has a broken jaw and it was never addressed. His bottom jaw sits to the side in addition to having no teeth. His prior owner passed away in her home.

No one knew his owner had passed away for three weeks, so Rowan was left alone with his brother and father for that time. When rescued from the home, the staff estimated Rowan to be somewhere between 10-12 years old, making him a senior.

It was a combination of all these things that I knew in my heart he NEEDED to live the rest of his life happy. And I knew I could do that!

How has the rescue changed Rowan’s life?

small brown dog on cushion

 I don’t know what his life like was prior to me, but I do know his poor jaw was broken and never fixed, which I think is a sign. I am hoping he feels as much love as possible and knows he will never be hurt again.

How has the rescue impacted your life?

 Rowan puts a smile on my face and heart every single day. He has made my life complete. The love and silliness he shows takes my breath away. Whatever Rowan went through did not affect his loving ways. Knowing he trusts me 100%, makes my heart smile.

Everyone would ask me, “why would you want to adopt an old dog” and “a dog with a broken jaw”? I knew in my heart Rowan belonged with me. Regardless of his age, jaw, etc…

He is my little shadow now. My heart & soul!