Rescue Story: Sweet Like Sugar

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February 08, 2018

Rescue Story: Sweet Like Sugar

Anyone who knows pit bulls, understands they can be the sweetest breed of dogs. This fact makes “Sugar” a fitting name for this rescue pit. After their first meeting, Sugar’s mom, Maria, knew that she could give her a better future and ensure that she’d live up to her name.

Sugar’s past

Sugar was in a questionable living situation when I adopted her at six-weeks-old. In the hands of backyard breeders, she was already taken away from her mother. Sugar was living outside, in boxes during cold Colorado Fall nights.

I responded to a post from the “breeders” on a local Facebook page and was able to pick her up the next day. They were eager to get rid of her (she was the last of the litter) because she was too small.

Why did you decide to rescue?

I rescued because there are millions of innocent lives being killed or dying in the streets and shelters, particularly advocate for pit bulls, because they are the most abused breed of dog. I feel the need to be their voice!

How did I know Sugar was right for me?

She was born into the wrong hands, in a place where there is a lot of dog fighting. I instantly knew she belonged with me.

Her demeanor has changed since I brought her home. She’s not a scared, timid baby anymore. Sugar is growing to be a confident, socialized, and extremely friendly dog.

How has life changed?

Raising a puppy is a big responsibility that only people that are 100% committed should take on. The puppy needs time to learn, they eat three times a day, they need regular exercise and more! (For example, I stopped going to the gym for four months and gained five pounds! LOL)

But most importantly, I started sharing Sugar’s story online and it has gotten people involved in very important conversations and education regarding the breed and its misconceptions. I take this very seriously, as it’s our way to contribute and advocate.

Why should someone consider adopting?

Save a life. Inform yourself about the dogs that are right for you. Look for ones that would thrive in your environment. Spread the word and the love!

Many facilities are at capacity and are overflowing with pit bulls. There could be a pup as sweet as Sugar waiting for you to bring them home, so they can change your life for the better. Many shelters will even waive adoption fees throughout the year, so check your local shelter’s website often.

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