Rescue story: Kai and Evee Bring the Love

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June 28, 2018

Rescue story: Kai and Evee Bring the Love

Bringing a rescue dog into your home can fill your heart immensely. Not only are you rescuing them, but they also can rescue you. After her dog passed away, Rae was looking to fill her home again with a furry friend. But, what she didn’t know is that she’d soon have two rescue stories to share!

Backyard breeder to shelter to home

Kai is our rescue German Shepherd. From what we were told, she wasn’t bought from the breeder, so they brought her to the shelter. We met her and got her the same day she was supposed to be euthanized. She literally had less than an hour left before she was planned to be put down.

We couldn’t let that happen and asked if we could adopt her right then. We filled out the form and wouldn’t leave until she was coming home with us. Kai was just the sweetest pup and we knew we had to have her.

Misunderstood love bug

Evee was a dog at work that I simply adored. She was up for adoption and nobody was inquiring about her. It was at a vet’s office. I decided to foster her, especially after hearing she had been adopted out and then returned due to the fact she “got into the owner’s stuff.” From day one, she was not getting into anything and just wanted cuddles. She wasn’t potty-trained, so that became my main goal. I fostered her after we rescued Kai. The two of them became best friends.

I brought Evee to work with me every day and she would whine and squeal anytime I walked by while she was playing. People constantly asked if I was adopting her and I always replied “no.” My husband was deployed and we didn’t consider adding another dog until he got back, which was still a few months away. I constantly sent photos to my husband and after about two months he said we should adopt her and would hope she would like him when he returned. She’s a complete daddy’s girl and won his heart over instantly when he got back.

Adopting fills the heart

At first, I was nervous to foster Evee because Kai really loves some dogs but not every dog. Some she prefers to ignore completely. With Evee, Kai was gentle and curious and at least seemed to understand her own size compared to Evee’s. They became best buds within a few days.

My life has changed since rescuing my pups by becoming so much more active and filled with love. Evee is a total cuddle bug which is great since she’s small and can be a legit lap dog. Kai became gentler and more understanding of other dogs. It also allowed me to see a far more playful side of her. Plus, she now has a friend to help her burn energy while playing.

To those thinking of adopting, I say go for it. If you are slightly unsure discuss doing a foster to adopt. Most shelters and rescues are delighted to let you foster a dog first to make sure they are indeed a great fit for your family.

Plus, you learn what the dog needs to be taught and what they already know. With that said, give them a few weeks minimum to adjust to your house and being in a new place and around new people. Some of the best dogs are in shelters. Yes, that includes purebred dogs too.

You can find Kai and their other sibling on Instagram, here. Do you have a rescue dog? Send us a message on Instagram for the chance to be our next feature!