Joey and Rufus: From Unwanted to Rescued Buddies

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November 29, 2017

Joey and Rufus: From Unwanted to Rescued Buddies

With just one glance at Joey and Rufus you can feel their warm and loving personality. It’s almost impossible to imagine them both being abandoned and unwanted at one time.

Luckily, these pups were scooped up and adopted by one person who couldn’t be any more grateful for these furry BFFs.

How did you end up adopting Joey and Rufus?

We adopted Joey from a woman who lived way out in the country. We noticed Joey sitting in the rain, on the side of the road for two days. She was in poor shape when she eventually ended up with us.
small brown dog in pink shirt Joey

Rufus was rescued from a former co-worker who didn’t want him anymore, even though she had him since birth. I couldn’t let such a sweetheart go to the shelter, and that was that.

Why did you decide to rescue?

Seeing how Joey had been treated and the issues she has (separation anxiety, high stress levels, and she’s a runner) we felt we couldn’t pass her off to anyone else, and that we should take on the challenge of positively changing her life.

With Rufus, I never felt like there was any other option but to take care of him. From the moment I met him, he’s been a joy and honor to have in our family.

How has your pup’s lives been changed since being adopted?

Joey is a happy, energetic girl. She struggles with training, but she is the most loving dog you’ll ever meet.

Rufus knows we love him and will give him that extra attention that he needs.  They have also found a bond with each other that is truly amazing.
small blonde dog wearing sunglasses in a bushRufus

How has your life been changed?

Because of Joey, we are definitely on our toes more. She’s very fast so we have to be extra careful that she doesn’t escape and get hurt!

With Rufus, there are too many ways to name. His unconditional love and acceptance of me is priceless. He has given me laughter during hard times, and helped me get out of bed on bad days of my life.