How to Choose the Right Pet Pen for your Dog

Dog Safety

September 04, 2022

How to Choose the Right Pet Pen for your Dog

Have you ever wondered how to create a safe play area for your dogs inside or outside of your home? One of the best ways to create a safe and supervised play yard for your dogs is with a dog playpen! Pet pens for dogs are great for dogs of all ages and sizes and they come in different designs, materials and have some pretty cool features!

In this blog we’ll be sharing how to choose the right pet pen for your dog by walking through material types, indoor and outdoor dog playpens, portable dog playpen styles and so much more!

What Materials Do You Need?​

Playpens for dogs come in a variety of material types like soft sided dog playpens (also known as mesh dog playpens), plastic dog playpens and all-steel constructed dog pens. The best way to choose the right material is to know your dog’s behavior and chew style.

Is your dog more of a chewer who will chew through mesh? If yes, an all-steel constructed play yard for dogs like the 2-in-1 Super Pet Gate and Pet Yard or Convertible Pet Yard is probably best for you! If your dog keeps to themselves, plastic dog playpens and soft sided dog playpens like the Eight Panel Portable Pet Pen (also available in size panels) or the 2-in-1 Plastic Gate and Pet Pen are two great options in addition to the all-steel constructed play yards for dogs previously shared.

One important thing to note is that no matter what playpen for dog you choose, never leave your dog unattended without supervision!

Do You Want an Indoor or Outdoor Dog Pen?

The second thing to consider when choosing a playpen for dogs is if you want an indoor dog playpen or an outdoor dog playpen. Here are some things to consider when looking for both:

Choosing an Indoor Dog Playpen​

If you’re looking for an indoor dog playpen, there are some indoor dog playpens with floors and some without. All of the 2-in-1 options on our site that are convertible (2-in-1 Plastic Gate and Pet Pen, Convertible Pet Yard and 2-in-1 Super Pet Gate and Pet Yard) do not have a floor and instead will frame whatever surface you are placing it on. Because of this, if you want to provide any additional comfort for your dog to lay on or bedding like newspaper or pee pads to prevent accidents, we recommend adding that in.

If you would like an indoor dog playpen with a floor, two great options are our Six Panel Portable Pet Pen and Eight Panel Portable Pet Pen. The main difference between these two indoor dog pens is the size. The six-panel indoor dog pen is 48″ wide by 26″ high and the eight-panel indoor dog pen is 62″ wide by 26″ high.

Choosing an Outdoor Dog Playpen

If you’re more interested in finding an outdoor dog playpen, two things to consider are: “Will my dog be in a shaded area?” or “Will I need to add a covering to keep them cool?”. If you don’t have a lot of shade in your yard, we recommend getting a dog playpen with a top. Our Deluxe Pet Pens feature a full coverage canopy that has full ventilating mosquito mesh on one side and UV protected polyester on the other! Our Deluxe Pet Pens are available in the Six Panel Deluxe Portable Pet Pen style and the Eight Panel Deluxe Portable Pet Pen style.

If you know you’ll have shade, or are looking for a more convertible outside playpen for dogs, we have two outdoor dog playpens that are designed to withstand the weather year-round! The Outdoor Super Wide Pet Pen and Gate and 144″ Outdoor Extra Tall Pet Pen and Gate are both great options for larger breeds and they can be turned into outdoor dog gates.

Do You Need a Portable Dog Pen?

Let’s talk about sizing! As you’ve probably seen while looking at some of the options shared, some are designed specifically for certain sized dogs. All of our soft sided dog playpens feature a small dog door which is more ideal for smaller breeds or young dogs. The larger convertible options are better for medium, large and extra-large breeds. Below is a quick breakdown of great options for different breed sizes:

Small Breeds:

Medium Breeds:

Large/XL Breeds:

Do You Need a Portable Dog Pen?

The last thing to consider when choosing the right pet pen for your dog is your lifestyle. Do you want a travel playpen for dogs that easily folds up for quick storage and is a great option for fun, outdoor adventures? Our soft sided dog playpens are great portable dog pens for camping and dog friendly beach days! Plus, since our soft sided dog playpens are made with reinforced mesh and water-resistant material, they’re super easy to clean with soap and a damp cloth!

Now we have to know, which pet pen do you want to get for your dog? We hope that all of the information shared was helpful and made finding the right pet pen for your dog easier than ever!

Have any questions? We’re here to help! Send us your question over Instagram and we’ll make sure all paws are on it!