How to Choose a Senior Dog Bed

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January 11, 2018

How to Choose a Senior Dog Bed

As your pup begins to age, you may notice they are experiencing the same things as humans do: stiff joints, aches, pains, and a lower energy level. It’s part of life to succumb to the downsides of aging. To help combat the side effects, provide your senior pet a good bed to catch some ZZZ’s on.

The criteria for a good dog bed changes as your pet ages.  Here is what you should consider when choosing a senior dog bed.


An important factor in choosing your dog’s bed is the support it provides. A firm structure is helpful for an aging pet.

Think of trying to sleep all night in a bean bag chair. Sinking in may be comfortable for a while, but over an extended period of time, it will leave a senior dog feeling stiff and uncomfortable.

To test if your dog’s bed offers enough support, push down on it. If you can feel the floor, you know it’s not doing any favors in supporting your dog’s joints.

Aging dogs sleep best on a senior dog bed that is orthopedic, or made from material that bounce back instead of sinking in.  Beds made from memory foam or cots offer much more support than ones made from cushion.

Senior pug lying in a bed with a blanket


If your dog has trouble standing after sleeping or has limited mobility, an elevated dog bed may help. By raising the bed up, your dog won’t have to crouch down or lift themselves up after resting.

Keeping their bed off the floor will also help maintain a warmer temperature, which can be especially soothing for dogs with aching joints.


To determine the ideal size for a senior dog bed, figure out your pup’s weight is and measure them from nose to rump.

Take that length and add another foot onto it so they have room to get comfortable. Always make sure you pay attention to the weight limit of the bed especially when dealing with bigger breed dogs.


Being able to wash a bed is important. As dogs get older, they may develop skin issues, a funky smell, or have frequent bathroom accidents.

Plush beds will soak up any bodily fluids or smells, which can linger for a long time – even after they’re washed.

By getting a bed made from washable material, you’ll be able to easily wipe it down when it needs refreshing.

Two dogs lying in a bed together

As your dog spends more time sleeping, a senior dog bed becomes an important element in your dog’s life. Let us know in the comments what accommodations you have made for your senior pet!