How to Choose a Name for your Dog

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August 04, 2017

How to Choose a Name for your Dog

Choosing a name for a dog is one of the many exciting things about getting a puppy. For some people, picking a name can be quick and easy. For others, it’s a task that involves research, debates and maybe even a change or two. After all, a dog’s name is permanent (well, usually)! In order to help you choose, we have put together some ideas to consider during the name process.

As I held my first puppy, I felt completely stumped as to what I should call this squirmy, white, fluff ball looking up at me. After careful consideration and feedback from friends and family, I picked one that I feel fits my dog perfectly.

Here are 4 factors that helped me and others choose a name for their dog:

1. Something Short and Sweet

The longer the name, the harder it is for your new pup to learn.

Rule of thumb – A good, learnable dog name should be two or less syllables. Names that end in Y are even easier for dogs to learn because they are more distinctive from other every day words.

2. Something Nostalgic

tiny brown dog sitting with child

Picking something that reminds you of a good memory means you’ll be less likely to get sick of the name in the future because it’s already stood the test of time.

For example, my friend chose the name Dixie for her pup. It was based off a character from one of her favorite childhood books.

3. Something They Remind You Of

tiny brown and black dog jumping

Sometimes it’s best to pick your dog’s name based on their looks. After all, each dog has a distinctive look and personality that can be captured in a name.

For example, Fluffy, Brownie and Cocoa are all classics. If those are too predictable for you, get creative. Another friend, named her dog Turkey because of the dog’s droopy face, reminding her of the gobbler on a turkey. The possibilities are endless.

4. Something Famous

Have a favorite singer, TV show character or celebrity? Now’s your chance to name something after them! I’ve met dogs named everything from Tyra Banks to Arya (after the character in Game of Thrones).

These names always have a lasting impression and are perfect way to reflect a little of your personality into the life of your dog.

Get family and friends involved to help you choose your dog’s name. Of course, don’t forget to make it a fun experience!

We want to know – what did you name your dog, and why?

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