Gigi The Adopted Chihuahua: A Perfect Fit

Adoption Story

August 09, 2017

Gigi The Adopted Chihuahua: A Perfect Fit

Adopting a dog can often be seen as a lengthy process for someone anxious to get a new pup.

In many cases, the adoption process simply involves an extra precautionary step in order to receive your new furry companion. The rewards of adopting include not just getting a great pup, but saving the life of one.

Here’s the story of Gigi, a tiny, adorable chihuahua mix that looks like she could have come from an expensive breeder. Her story is a reminder of how rewarding adopting a pup can be.

How did you rescue your dog?

I first saw Gigi at Animal Haven on a weeknight after work. I thought I’d go take a look and see what new dogs came in. As soon as I picked her up she peed on me! I gave her back to a handler and I thought nothing of it.

She was so sweet I came back on the weekend with my husband to meet adoptable dogs and we put in an application for her. AH chooses a dog’s ideal match so we felt very lucky when we got the call a few days later. We said yes and anxiously awaited going to pick her up together!

Why did you decide to adopt her?

small brown and black dog outside

Adoption was always our only option. We put in an application for 2 dogs at the shelter and Gigi was who we got. She couldn’t be more perfect for us. She’s everything we ever wanted.

How has the adoption changed Gigi’s life?

Prior to being at the shelter, she came from the ASPCA of San Francisco but that’s all we know. She has added so much life to our lives and we call ourselves a family.

We take her everywhere with us and we love that. She’s easy to travel with and is such a snuggler. I imagine that we absolutely spoil her and give her the love and the one-on-one time she craves so much.

How has the rescue impacted your own life?

small brown and black dog outside

It’s given us a lot more responsibility and a special kind of love. Gigi’s our baby and if one person has to stay late at work, the other has to be sure they’re home.

If we’re both going out – we bring her to work! We wanted a dog for a long time but it was never the right time. We’re so happy that we waited, because Gigi really is the one for us.