Five Beneficial Natural Herbs for Your Dog

Herbs For Dogs

January 19, 2018

Five Beneficial Natural Herbs for Your Dog

Herbs aren’t just for making our food taste appetizing. They are good for a myriad of other things for both humans and pets. At some time or another most of us have used an herb for our own benefit such as aloe vera for a sunburn or a warm cup of chamomile tea when it is hard to sleep. If you are apprehensive of over-the-counter medications for your dog, here are five natural herbs for your dog.

Aloe Vera

Just as aloe vera is used to help with human ailments, it works for dogs as well. It is an ideal solution for minor burns, cuts, and skin irritations and can even help cool a sunburn and works as an antibiotic.

This natural herb should be applied topically. Be sure that your dog does not lick or eat the aloe vera juice. In large amounts it is not good for your dog.

Calendula Flowers

This is another topical herb that helps heal wounds, scrapes, and cuts on your dog as well as yourself. This anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal herb can be applied a couple of ways.

Either directly on a wound as a dressing by using the flower petals, as an antiseptic wash when made into a tea, or as a cream to heal wounds. It is an antiseptic herb and that means it helps prevent bacteria growth.

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Frankincense or Boswellia

This natural herbs for your dog originates from tree bark and is made into a resin. It actively fights against inflammation and works great for arthritis. The phytochemicals work to halt the production of what is known as leukotrienes, which are what cause inflammation in the first place.

This natural herb is taken in pill form and is often combined with turmeric. You can buy it for humans and then adjust it for your dog’s size by using 150lbs as the person dosage then making your adjustment for your own dog’s size.


Ginger has been used for centuries and has a wealth of benefits for the digestive system and to ease arthritis pain. Just like the frankincense, it has phytochemicals that stop the production of the leukotrienes that cause inflammation.

Ginger is easily bought at most grocery stores and can be minced into food. You only need ¼ tsp for miniature breeds, ½ tsp for dogs up to 35lbs and ¾ tsp for larger dogs.


If you’ve ever enjoyed the calming properties of a hot cup of chamomile tea then, you know how it lessens anxiety. It also works in a number of ways for your dog.

Chamomile can be used both topically and orally. Along with being a mild sedative, chamomile works as an antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory. It can also be used to heal wounds, relieve pain, and calm an upset tummy.

For skin inflammation that comes from allergies, hot spots, fleas, fungal infections, or bacteria – a topical rinse works well.

These are just five natural herbs for your dog that have been found to have benefits. There are so many more natural herbs that help your pet the natural way. Let us know what herbs you currently use for your dog!