Dog Camping Essentials


June 29, 2023

Dog Camping Essentials

Have you always wanted to go camping with your dogs? Taking your dog camping for the first time can be so exciting, but it can only be so if you come prepared. Ensuring that you've got all of the dog camping essentials to bring on your dog-friendly camping trip, will set your fun adventure up for success!

In this post, we're sharing dog camping essentials that belong on your camping checklist for dogs, plus a few helpful tips for camping with dogs!

Brown dog laying on a tan elevated dog bed at a camping site.

Dog Camping Essentials​

When camping with your dog, the most important thing to do is to be ready for anything. The best way to prepare and know what to bring when camping with your dog is to check out your dog-friendly campsite in advance. Knowing the terrain and the area will help you to know which items you need. 

While all of that may vary, below are dog camping essentials you need for every location:

  • Dog food and treats for entire trip plus a few days extra in case of emergency.
    • Make sure food is in a sealed container and bring a collapsible dog bowl
  • All of your dog's current medications for the duration of your trip (plus a few days extra)
  • Water and a collapsible dog bowl or portable dog water bottle.
    • Stick with one that's lightweight and the right size for your dog.
  • Plenty of poop bags
  • Pet wipes or towels to clean your dog from any dirt or mud they may have fun in
  • Your dog's leash and collar (or harness).
    • If it's not already, you can also invest in a biothane dog leash and collar, as those are waterproof, clean super easy, and are ideal for the outdoors!
  • Dog first aid kit.
    • You can make one yourself or you can buy them premade!
  • Camping bed for dogs.
    • Giving your dog a place for them to sit that's off the ground away from any dirt and mud will not only keep your campsite clean, but also your dog happy! Our elevated dog beds are made of a durable, waterproof nylon that's easily washable and they fold up within seconds for quick, easy storage. Our outdoor pet bedsare available in sizes small and large!

Optional Dog Camping Gear​

In addition to all of the dog camping essentials listed above, some extra camping gear for dogs that you can add to your dog camping checklist are:

  • Dog terrain boots
    • If you plan on hitting trails with different terrain like snow, rocks or hot pavement, investing in a pair of dog boots will keep your dog's paws protected!
  • Light up/LED dog collar
    • As the sun goes down, keeping a visual on your dog around your campsite is extremely important. Plus, if you have a darker colored dog, they tend to disappear faster in the darkness. Having a light up/LED dog collar can be a great extra resource for keeping your dog in your sights!
  • Portable pet pen
    • Want to keep your dog in one place while you're setting up your campsite, cooking or just in general? A portable pet pen is very helpful to keep your pet safe, out of the way, and in a spot that's all their own. Carlson Pet Products has four great options, with and without a UV protected canopy top that fold up easily for storage and packing:
    • Cooling Vest
      • If you're camping with your dog in warmer temperatures, having a dog cooling vest will help provide relief when needed. Make sure to keep an eye on your dog and the heat. If it's too hot, it's best to wait to camp with your dog until it's cooler. 

Helpful Tips For Camping With Dogs​

Now that we've got all of our camping gear for our dogs, there's a few important things to know before taking your dog camping for the first time:

  • Make sure your campsite is a dog-friendly campsite.
  • Ensure your dog knows basic obedience commands before the trip.
  • Follow your campground's rules.
  • Always pick up after your pet.
    • You'll commonly hear "leave no trace" on dog-friendly trails and campsites. This means that we always pick up after our pets since pet waste isn't good for the environment and can cause disturbances to the ecosystem you are visiting.
  • Keep your dog's barking to a minimum by bringing their favorite toy (perhaps without the loudest squeaker) to keep your neighbors happy.

Light brown dog fenced in around a gate.

Now we have to know, who's excited to take their dogs camping for the first time? Watching your dog soak up tons of amazing smells while spending a great amount of time outdoors is such a joy to see. Will you be bringing any of your Carlson Pet Products pet pens or elevated dog beds? We'd love to see! Tag us in your photos on Instagram @Carlsonpetproducts!