Breezy: the ultimate hiking partner

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January 15, 2018

Breezy: the ultimate hiking partner

Sometimes you need a little extra push to go out and try new things. When it comes to being that supportive friend, this adopted pup is the perfect companion. Here’s how Breezy became the ultimate hiking partner.

small black dog sitting next to kneeling woman on cliffside

How did you rescue Breezy?

I rescued my dog, Breezy through the Sam Simon Foundation. They rescue dogs from various shelters and train them to become Hearing Dogs. When a dog doesn’t seem to be a good fit for that program, they put them up for adoption. Breezy was much too shy around people and dogs to be a good fit. So, when she went up for adoption, I snatched her up!

Why did you decide to rescue a dog?

I decided to rescue for some of the same reason most people probably do, because I know how many dogs need homes. It was really exciting to see all these dogs who could potentially be my new companion. I also knew I wanted to a slightly older dog, not having the time to take care of a young puppy. I ended up with a 7-month-old, but she was quite calm for a young dog, so it turned out to be a great fit.

small black dog being held by woman in hiking gear on top of mountain

How has Breezy’s life changed?

When I got her she was super shy. I’ve been able to help her with that and she’s really come a long way since those first few weeks. I think all the hiking we do really boosted her confidence and has made her a more happy, relaxed dog. We get to hike with new people and dogs all the time, which is her favorite way to get to know somebody new.

How has Breezy changed your life?

I do so many things with her, and I do things with her at my side that I would have never done by myself before. I’ve made new friends, been new places, and learned heck of a lot. I get outside more, invest in good nutrition (for me and for her!), and get a laugh from her every single day. She’s my perfect little trail buddy, and I am so happy I found her.

small black dog in vest overlooking a lake and mountains