Bodie and Spanky: Rescued Pugs on a Mission

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October 31, 2017

Bodie and Spanky: Rescued Pugs on a Mission

When considering getting a new pet, it can be easy to forget about all the great senior dogs that need homes and get swept up in the excitement of getting a new puppy. Bodie and Spanky prove that no matter the age of a dog, they still have so much love to give. Here’s the story about how they were rescued.

Where did you find Bodie and Spanky?

2 pugs in bow ties and dress shirts

We visited our local Pug Rescue website (pug Rescue of Florida) to pick both Bodie and Spanky.

We had always wanted a pug and Bodie, our first, was just adorable. He was rescued as a 3-year-old. Then, we decided to rescue Spanky as we wanted to help a senior pug have a spectacular twilight with us! Spanky was ten and Blind when we rescued him nearly 4 years ago.

How has rescuing them impacted their lives?

The rescue has changed Bodie’s life as he has stability and a much smaller waistline! In the 3 years before he came to us he had 4 homes and was very over weight. He’s a happy healthy boy now! Spanky’s life has changed because he has found true love! Bodie loves him, we love him, he is SUCH a happy boy!

How has rescuing them changed your life?

2 pugs running in the grass

The rescue has impacted our life immeasurably. We started making pug scarves through Blind But Not to help pug rescue as a way to pay back for all the pleasure the pugs give us. We have raised nearly $7,000 in 2 years 

Through this and social media we have made such good friends! The pugs have been on road trips with us to NYC and Washington DC to meet pug friends!

pug with bowtie in stroller surrounded by women