Bernie and Merle: Puppy Mill Survivors

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August 07, 2017

Bernie and Merle: Puppy Mill Survivors

You never know when you’ll meet someone special or who they’ll be. They could be a teacher, a neighbor or even two tiny pups in a kennel at your local pet store. This is where Bernie and Merle rescue story began. We decided to ask a few questions about this adorable duo and how they’ve impacted the life of their owner.

How did you rescue your dogs?

One afternoon my son and I went into PetSmart. They were having an adoption weekend. Of course, I wasn’t planning on taking any home. We saw the dogs that were right when you walked in. I thought they were all adorable, but I was sticking to my guns of “not bringing any home”.

What made you decide to adopt them?

As I was checking out, I looked over at the side of the store and there they were, all little and hating their life in their cage so I ran over to them. They looked a mess! Merle was scared and shaking as I held him. Bernie was in his pen, shaking and barking at me. I asked to hold him, and the lady was like “He really doesn’t like people” but let me hold him. I had to adopt them both. I was scared. How could I handle this? After hearing about their life in the puppy mill, my heart dropped. Another lady before me adopted them and had them for two weeks and couldn’t handle all of their emotional issues.

I knew it would be hard, but I couldn’t leave them. So, with smiles on our faces, my son and I carried our new babies out the door.

How have Bernie and Merle impacted your life?

I think rescuing Bernie and Merle has changed their outlook on life. They aren’t afraid of every little thing. They have learned what love is and how to give it.

I’ve also learned about puppy mills. After researching them and seeing what Bernie and Merle had to go through, I will forever adopt and seek out puppy mill survivors. Watching them grow is the best feeling ever. They are my babies and I can’t wait to adopt more puppy mill rescues.