Woman sitting next to a blue and black pet stroller.

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May 12, 2024

Benefits of Pet Strollers

Have you ever been out on a walk and seen a pet parent walking their pet in a pet stroller? Quite often we get asked, "what's the point of pet strollers?". While pet strollers can be cute and fun, they actually serve a very helpful purpose for many different pets of all ages and needs. 

In this post we're sharing the many benefits of pet strollers, how one can help your furry family member and a few tips on introducing a pet stroller!

Carlson Pet Products Pet Strollers​

Before we get into the many benefits of pet strollers, we wanted to share all about our two pet strollers and many of their amazing features.

Portable Pup Pet Stroller​

The first is our Portable Pup Pet Stroller. This foldable dog stroller has many features like:

  • Large mesh panels for constant ventilation
  • Clip in leash to keep your pet safe
  • Umbrella and mesh canopy that provides all over coverage
  • Lightweight
  • Folds easily to a fraction of its size with one hand operation

Easy Fold & Go Pet Stroller​

Our second compact dog stroller is the Easy Fold & Go Pet Stroller. This pet stroller includes features like:

  • Reflective trim
  • Lightweight
  • Clip in leash to keep your pet safe
  • Undercarriage basket to store items and essentials
  • Large mesh panels for constant ventilation
  • Canopy full zips keeping your pet safely contained

    Benefit 1: Mobility Aid For Senior Pets​

    The first benefit of pet strollers is that they are a great senior dog mobility aid. As dogs age, like us, they can develop joint pain and arthritis, making long walks not as doable as they used to be. Having a pet stroller can help your dog still visit all of their favorite walk spots while keeping their joints and body at ease!

    Benefit 2: Helpful For Small Dogs​

    Did you that some small breed dogs like Pugs, Bulldogs or Boston Terriers need to be more cautious when it comes to longer exercise? Having a pet stroller for small dog breeds like this can not only help them catch their breath after a certain amount of exercise, but also still enjoy their walk without having to cut it short!

    Benefit 3: Helps Injured And Disabled Pets​

    If your dog is recovering from an injury, or they have a specific disability, pet strollers help dogs with disabilities enjoy normal everyday activities like going on walks, and they aid in transportation to vet visits and other locations.

    If your dog is recovering from an injury, having a pet stroller with the clip in leash is extremely important. This feature aids in keeping your pet still to ensure no further injury occurs so your pet can continue to heal. 

    Benefit 4: Taking Pets To Events​

    Since there are so many dog-friendly events in every city like art shows, festivals, and more, having a pet stroller can help keep your pet safe from many situations like:

    • Off the ground away from big crowds
      • Small dogs often run the risk of accidentally getting stepped on.
    • Away from large amounts of people who want to say hello
      • Dogs can be overly stimulated by a larger amount of interest. Some dogs love the attention, but not all!
    • Protection from the heat and hot pavement
      • With our pet strollers having helpful features like the umbrella and mesh canopy, your dog can keep their paws protected while also staying out of the heat.

    Benefit 5: Great Option For Cat Owners​

    Now, who says you have to be a dog owner to enjoy a pet stroller? Many cat owners love getting a pet stroller to take their cats on walks, to events and other locations just like dog owners. If you're wondering, "Do cats like strollers?" the answer is, it depends! Every cat is different, and the biggest thing is to have patience while introducing it to them.

    Here are a few tips on introducing your cat to a stroller:

    • Have it out in your home and let them sniff and explore it on their own.
    • Start to put them inside of it (in your home) and reward them with a treat when they're in it.
    • Take them on a "walk" in your home to get them used to the feeling of it.
    • Begin to take them outside in their stroller on short distances to build up confidence. Make sure you are taking them out at appropriate times of the day/temperatures (not super cold, not super hot).
    • Slowly add on more time and distance as they enjoy it!

    Tips For Introducing A Pet Stroller​

    In addition to the tips above for cat owners, here are some extra tips on how to introduce a pet stroller to your furry family member:

    • Always make sure your pet is secured inside. When nervous, your pet may be tempted to jump out which could cause injury, or a lost pet.
    • Always reward with treats for great behavior
    • Don't completely replace your dog's walks with stroller rides (unless your vet has told you to do so). Check with your vet to see when your dog should switch to a stroller ride for a walk and/or how often your dog should have stroller rides.

    We hope this article was helpful for all pet parents who are interested in getting a pet stroller! Have any questions or want to show us your pet in their Carlson Pet Products stroller? Shoot us a DM or tag us in your photos on Instagram @Carlsonpetproducts so we can see!