Activities to Keep Your Dog Busy While Inside

Activities For Your Dog

November 14, 2017

Activities to Keep Your Dog Busy While Inside

Is it raining, snowing, or otherwise crappy outside? Well, other than a quick trip for outside potty time, you probably don’t want to join your dog out there. For some dogs, they don’t want to be outside in it either.

However, just because the weather is poor doesn’t mean your dog’s physical and mental needs are going to take a day off. Without proper mental and physical activity, dogs tend to get bored, and when a dog gets bored, they can get destructive.

They may not all be the most fun for your pup, but here are list of activities to keep your dog busy while inside. They may even provide some entertainment for you!


big black dog being washed in a tub

On days when you can’t be outside, some time spent grooming your dog can be stimulating. A bath or a solid session of brushing is a great way to show affection.

While it does provide some mental stimulation,If your dog struggles to stay in the tub, engage in a bout of rousing play or other exercise beforehand. That physical stimulation may be what they need to fight you less in the tub.


Taking your dog for a walk in poor weather is not fun for either one of you. However, if you have a treadmill, they can be trained to walk on it. You can still get them that all-important exercise without leaving the house.

While not a substitute for taking your dog outside for a walk, it can be a boon in bad weather. Be patient and take your time when teaching your dog how to walk on the treadmill.

You need to take it slow. Allow your dog to become accustomed to the new experience of walking while actually not going anywhere. In time, once your dog has grown accustomed to it, you may be able to increase the speed for a faster burst of energy burning.


Not everyone has a treadmill in their home and some dogs just can’t get the hang of it. However, if you have stairs, they can be just as effective.

Like with people, stairs provide an increased physical challenge for your dog compared to walking on the treadmill. The easiest way to get your dog to run the stairs is to have one person at the top and one at the bottom.

By calling your dog back and forth, they run the stairs to get affection as a reward and burn energy while doing it. Or if you’re looking for exercise yourself, run them together!

Practice Tricks and Commands

small brown dog sitting on bench

While fulfilling a dog’s physical needs are important, it is also equally important to satisfy their mental needs. Keeping your dog busy while inside, lends itself well to mental stimulation.

Typically physical activities like play or other exercise can do this, but more intelligent breeds need more mental stimulation than those can provide.

Luckily, teaching new tricks or confirming old ones can be a very stimulating activity that you can practice indoors.

These activities can mean teaching your dog a parlor trick, like rolling over, that is both physically challenging and mentally stimulating or it can be teaching them basic calm submission commands for those times where they are bored.

No matter the trick you decide to teach them, it is a psychological challenge that is good for their mental health and that time you spend with them reinforces the bond between you.

Dog Yoga

Yes, dog yoga. As silly as the concept sounds, this activity is something you and your dog can do together that gives them a way to use energy and mentally stimulates them.

In essence, teaching your dog to do doga with you is like teaching them several new tricks. It exercises discipline and challenges them in all respects. However, you may need to take a few doga classes before you can enjoy it at home.

As the weather turns, keep your dog occupied with quick, 15 minute activities, and both mental and physical activities to keep your dog busy while inside.