black cat laying on a white bed with a tan, rough textured mouse on its paw

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April 17, 2023

8 Indoor & Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Cat

Do you love spending time with your furry feline and are looking for some fun things to do with your cat? We've got you covered! From indoor cat activities like cat puzzles to outdoor cat activities like enjoying a nice stroll in a pet stroller, here are 8 indoor and outdoor activities to do with your cat! 

black cat laying on a white bed with a tan, rough textured mouse on its paw

Indoor Activities To Do With Your Cat​

Let's start with indoor cat activities first! Below are four fun indoor activities for cats that you can try today!

1. Try Food Puzzles with Your Cat

Cats love to use their natural hunting instincts to find their food. One way you can provide some enrichment for your cat is to introduce cat puzzles! There are many kinds of cat puzzles out there like Doc and Phoebe's Hunting Feeder or Nina Ottosson's Buggin Out Cat Treat Puzzle.

2. Add New Cat Scratching Opportunities

Scratching posts for cats provide numerous benefits like reducing stress, releasing energy, and of course preventing unwanted scratches on your own furniture! Cats can like scratching posts in many shapes and sizes like tall cat trees with built in scratching posts, or smaller ones like our Cat Camper with Scratcher. It's always great to try a mix of both to see what your cat loves best!

3. Try New Toys

Cats should have at least 20-30 minutes of exercise each day to stay healthy. One way you can do this, while also bonding with your cat, is to find new fun toys for your cat to try! There are many different kinds of cat toys out there like wand toys, electronic hunting toys, puzzle toys, laser pointers and more. Check out your local pet store to get a variety and see what your cat loves best! 

4. Add Cat Shelves to Your Home

Cats love to climb! In addition to traditional cat trees, you can also add cat shelves to your home to give your cat new areas to explore. There are many different kinds and styles available from plain flat steps, to different shapes where you cat can cuddle up. Plus, many come in sleek, modern designs that can not only match your home décor style, but also provide a fun area for your cat.

Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Cat​

Now that we've covered fun indoor cat activities, let's take it outside to talk about more fun outdoor things to do with your cat including taking your cat on a walk!

1. Take Your Cat on a Stroller Ride

Cats love being outside, and if you're looking for a safe and fun way to take them on an outdoor adventure, we highly recommend trying out a pet stroller for cats! Carlson Pet Products Easy Fold & Go Pet Stroller has many great features to aid on your walk such as mesh panels, a canopy and umbrella to keep your cat cool and shaded from the sun. This kitty stroller is also very lightweight and compact, making it easier than ever to take your feline on a fun outdoor adventure!

2. Teach Your Cat to Walk On a Leash

Who says dogs can only go on walks? In addition to taking your cat in a kitty stroller, you can also teach your cat to walk on a leash! If you're interested in taking your cat on a walk, here are a few tips we recommend before heading outside:

  • Find a properly fitted cat harness
  • Practice indoors first (allow your cat to get used to the feeling of the harness and walking around in it in general)
  • Find a safe, calm area to begin (could even start in your fenced in backyard)
3. Build a Catio 

Another fun way to provide your cat with fun outdoor enrichment is to build them their own catio! A catio is essentially an outdoor patio for cats, filled with their favorite things like cat trees, shelves, and more! You can find prebuilt catios or you can make one from scratch. Make sure to check out our blog post about 5 Items To Add To Your Catio to find furniture essentials for your catio!

4. Create a Catnip Garden

Is your cat obsessed with their catnip toys? Try creating your very own catnip garden! This could be in your catio, or in a separate area where your cat is safely allowed (and supervised) to visit. You can grow catnip from seeds or find it already growing and it works great in pots or in the ground!

carlson pet product's cat camper with a black cat on it

What did you think of all of these fun things to do with your cat? We'd love to see how much fun you're having with your feline friend in their new Cat Camper or Easy Fold & Go Pet Stroller on Instagram! Tag us in your photos @carlsonpetproducts so we can see your adorable feline friend!