Picture of dog sitting on Portable Pup Pet Bed.

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May 09, 2023

5 Ways to Use an Elevated Dog Bed

There's nothing dogs love more than to get outside, take in as many smells as they can, and enjoy the beautiful weather! Since there are so many fun adventures we can have with our dogs outside, having helpful items for these trips is important! One of our favorite outdoor products, our Elevated Dog Bed, is one of the best portable outdoor raised pet beds that you can take with you wherever you go!

In this post, we're sharing five ways you can use an elevated dog bed. Let's get started!

Two dogs sitting on Portable Pup Pet Bed in front of a tent outside.

1. Dog Friendly Beach Trip​

The first way you can use our elevated dog beds is at the beach! Did you know there are many dog-friendly beaches all over the United States that your dog can visit? Bringing a raised outdoor dog bed is helpful because it gives your dog their own place, above the sand to relax, dry off and keep cool. Plus, since our elevated dog beds fold up, they can easily fit in your car with your other beach essentials without taking up too much room!

Bring a beach towel to lay over your elevated dog bed for extra comfort and to soak up some of the cool, beach water!

2. Camping​ With Your Dog

Do you like to go camping with your dog or is camping with your dog something you've always wanted to do? When setting up your campsite, having an outdoor raised dog bed can be extremely helpful for many reasons:

  • Keeps your dog clean and away from bugs on the ground
  • Gives your dog a place to be when setting up/taking down your campsite area
  • Provides a bed area that they can enjoy in and outside of your tent

Plus, since our elevated dog beds are made of a sturdy canvas material, any dirt that might get on the outdoor pet bed from your fun camping adventures, brushes right off!

P.S. If you're taking a camper, since these beds fold up small, they make a great portable dog bed to bring along without taking up a lot of space inside!

3. Backyard Fun​

Even if you can't take a day trip to the beach or a campground, you can have a ton of fun right in your own backyard! Here are a few ways you can use the elevated dog bed in your own backyard:

  • Backyard picnic with your pup (they need a seat too!)
  • Their very own lounge chair by your pool area (always keep an eye on your dog around pools for safety)
  • Backyard sunbathing/enjoying up all the best smells (since pups love to lay out in the sun and take in the fresh air!)

4. Practice Training​

Have a rainy day or are looking to do something inside out of the heat? Practice some dog training with the elevated dog bed! You can use our elevated dog beds for numerous exercises such as:

  • Place practice
  • Stay & come practice (using the bed as the "stay" location)
  • Target practice (K9 Fitness)

Practicing training with your dog for only five to ten minutes a day is all you need to create a stronger bond with your dog and to see a difference in their everyday skills and obedience!

5. Everyday Dog Bed​

The fifth way you can use our elevated dog bed is as an everyday dog bed for your pup! Many dogs don't like sleeping on the ground and prefer the additional height that a raised dog bed offers. If you want to add a little extra cushion, you can put a blanket or soft crate pad on top of the raised dog bed.

Also, having your dog experience an elevated dog bed can come in handy when your dog visits places like Doggy Daycare or certain boarding facilities. Many places only use raised dog beds, so having your dog used to them can be very beneficial and make those new experiences that much easier and enjoyable!

Dog sitting on Portable Pup Pet Bed at a picnic.

Which way are you excited to use our elevated dog beds first? Available in multiple colors and sizes, these beds are great for many dogs! Want to see more ideas or share your ideas with us? Check us out on Instagram @CarlsonPetProducts and tag us in your photos to show us your elevated dog bed fun!