5 Toys That Are Dangerous For Your Dog

Dog Safety

January 08, 2018

5 Toys That Are Dangerous For Your Dog

You know the feeling… Giving your dog a brand new toy and reveling in the joy on their furry face. But, could that toy you just handed over be harmful? Dog toys can be a great tool to provide mental stimulation for dogs. However, it is important to know that some toys that are not safe for dogs. Here are five potentially dangerous dog toys.

1. Ball-shaped toys with only one hole

These toys can be extremely dangerous to your pup. If they get their tongue stuck in the opening, it will create a vacuum and trap their tongue in the toy.

Not only would this cause immediate discomfort, but they could experience permanent tongue damage, begin to choke or worse. Your pup would need immediate veterinary care.

2. Toys that are too small

Any toy that is too small for your dog’s mouth should be avoided. How can you tell if a toy is properly sized for your dog? If your pup is able to fit the toy in the back of their mouth and chew on it with their molars, then it is likely too small.

If your dog does get ahold of a small toy, they could potentially swallow it and choke. They are also much more likely to be able to chew it apart if they are able to use their strong back molars. This increases the chance of swallowing toy shards and causing harm to the pup’s vital organs.

3. Rope toys (unsupervised)

Ropes are generally fine for dogs, but make sure to never let your pup chew on them unsupervised. Rope toys can be easily separated and chewed apart, allowing dogs to ingest the pieces of rope.

A few pieces here and there shouldn’t cause much harm, but if your dog is a regular rope swallower a dangerous blockage can occur. So just prevent that from ever being an issue by making sure to avoid rope toys or simply supervise your pup as it chews on them.



4. Cheaply made toys

The market is flooded with cheaply made toys. The cheap or extra brightly colored toys could potentially be contaminated with heavy metals and other harmful chemicals.

You can also use your sense of smell to look out for these harmful toys. If you smell an excessively chemical odor, there’s a good chance the toy could contain and leach harmful chemicals – especially if your dog is a heavy chewer.

Most well-known and well-respected pet toy brands can be trusted, but just be extra careful when choosing a cheaply priced toy for your dog. When it comes to toys, “quality over quantity” is a great mantra to live by.

5. Vinyl toys

It isn’t particularly the vinyl itself that makes these toys dangerous, as it’s the additives we’re worried about. Manufacturers add a variety of chemical additives to vinyl products in order to make the vinyl more moldable, in order to create these chewy, rubbery dog toys.

These chemicals can leach off when your dog chews and salivates on the toys, so just avoid the potential danger by staying away from vinyl toys.

With these guidelines, you now know what toys not to look for when shopping for a new treat. Happy playing!