3 Reasons Why Rawhide Isn’t Safe For Dogs


September 18, 2017

3 Reasons Why Rawhide Isn’t Safe For Dogs

Whether you own a teething puppy or a full-grown dog, they seem to all share the common love of chewing. Rawhide has always been a go-to bone give your dog when they are wanting something to nibble on. It seems durable and is tasty enough to keep your dog entertained for a while.

However, rawhide comes with some serious risks you will want to keep in mind before giving your pup a rawhide chew. If you currently give your dog these bones, read on to learn why rawhide bones are not safe for dogs.

What is Rawhide?

Rawhide chews are made from the inner layer of animal hide. The outer hide of the animal is usually tanned and made into leather products. The inner portion is then pressed and dried into chews that are sometimes dyed and flavored.

The manufacturing process it goes through (if done right) makes it super durable, in turn making it a popular choice for dog owners to purchase.

But even if it one of your pup’s favorite chews, the following risks outweigh the benefits of rawhide chews:

1. Choking and blockage from rawhide

The most dangerous part of giving your dog rawhide is the risk of your dog biting off and swallowing large chunks.

Many dogs, especially puppies, can get too excited which leads to it getting caught in their digestive tract. Getting a small amount of rawhide stuck in your dog’s throat can lead to a potentially fatal situation.

2.Rawhide Can Contain Harmful Chemicals

rawhide bones

It can contain some nasty things like Salmonella or E. Coli and has been known to include chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and bleach. Both chemicals are used to treat the animal hide and give it that tan appearance.

In general, harmful ingredients, is what got us to make the switch to natural dog treats and dog food.

3. Rawhide Can Damage Your Dogs Teeth

The dryer and thinner the rawhide, the more likely it is to chip your pup’s teeth. This is especially true if you have an aggressive chewer.

While it is true it can help clean your dog’s teeth, it’s not as effective as you would hope. If you’re concerned with your dog’s oral hygiene, try brushing their teeth regularly and give them chew toys specifically designed for teeth cleaning.

Rawhide bones are not safe for dogs, even though they’re convenient and effective for getting your dog to chew on something other than your shoes, it’s better to give your pup safe chews and toys such as chews made out of yam, crunchy treats like carrots or safe toys like a Kong.

If you do end up giving your pup a rawhide, try to find a natural variety and monitor your dog as they chew, making sure they don’t swallow any small pieces.