3 Benefits of Dog Gates

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September 08, 2022

3 Benefits of Dog Gates

We’ve all had that puppy or dog that has gone into a room of our house and chewed on something they shouldn’t have, right? May our sofa’s rest in peace; or should we say pieces? One incredibly helpful dog product that is great for dog or puppy proofing your house is a dog gate! Dog gates have many benefits to not only keep your personal items safe, but your dog too!

In this post we’re sharing 3 benefits of dog gates, featuring the newest Retractable Mesh Dog Gate from Carlson Pet Products!

1. Teaches Your Dog(s) Boundaries

Dog gates are a great training tool for teaching your dog where they can or cannot go and this isn’t just limited to the inside of your home. You can find both indoor dog gates and outdoor dog gates (many people get outdoor dog gates for their deck!) that can block off many areas of your home. One of the most common ways that people use indoor dog gates is to block off stairs leading to the upstairs or downstairs of their home.

Dog gates come in a variety of heights, lengths and materials, all of which teach your dog that they cannot enter unless the door is open. Carlson Pet Products has many tall dog gates, extra tall gates, expandable dog gates and more, to ensure that your pet stays exactly where they need to be.

2. Give Others in the Home a Break

The second benefit of dog gates is that it gives others in your home a break and this isn’t just limited to people! If you have a household with more than one dog, or if you have different kinds of pets (cats, rabbits, etc.), having a dog gate allows your pets that need a break from each other, to have one in a safe space that they’re allowed to be in.

For example, many of Carlson Pet Product’s pet gates have smaller doors built in, that can be locked or unlocked, that are perfect for cats or other smaller pets. This can come in handy if they need a break from the dog in the house who might just want to play, but the cat doesn’t see it that way!

Dog gates are also helpful in giving guests or other family members a break. This is especially helpful during holiday gatherings, events or other get-togethers. While some friends and family are probably excited to see your pets, some might be a little less comfortable, and having the pet gate set up allows everyone to be happy and stress free. Plus, they’ll be able to enjoy their slice of holiday pie in peace!

3. Providing a Safe Space for Your Pet

The third benefit of dog gates is to provide a safe space for your pet. A great example of this is when something breaks in your home. We’ve all dropped a plate or two in the kitchen and the last thing we want is for our pets to walk across the floor and get shards of glass or ceramic in their paws. With a dog gate, you can easily escort your pets to a safe part of the home that is free of any debris that you are trying to clean up. Once it’s all clear, your pet can come out like nothing ever happened!

Are you ready to get a dog gate for your home? That’s awesome! If you’re getting a pet gate for the first time and aren’t sure which option is best for you, message us on Instagram and we’ll help you find the paw-fect one!