10 Uses For The Carlson Portable Pet Pen

Portable Pet Pen

August 01, 2017

10 Uses For The Carlson Portable Pet Pen

Our dog is a part of the family; therefore, we want them to come where we go. But there can be challenges to that. How do you make sure they don’t chew something up? Are they going to listen and stay in a designated area? How do the people I am going to see feel about having a dog around?

If you have a young puppy or rambunctious dog, you may ask yourself those questions often. We’re hoping our Portable Pet Pen can help be the solution and allow you to bring your pup with you more places you go.

It’s versatility and portable nature allow you to quickly fold it up and carry it to your next destination. We’ve put together ten ways in which the Portable Pet Pen can make your life and your pups a little easier when traveling or out and about.

1. Hotel

We always look for hotels that are pet friendly so we can bring our dog. But, we’re also out and about a lot, leaving the dog to hang out in the room. Instead of always crating our pup, having the large pop-up pen gives them a little space.

2. Friends and Families Houses

Although we LOVE our dog, all of our friends and families may not be quite as smitten. Using a foldable pet pen gives your dog some space in their home, but keeps them from getting into things they shouldn’t.

3. Park

small dog in portable pet pen in park with woman

When we think of bringing our dog to the park we dream of them being able to run forever, chase squirrels, and play fetch. But in reality your off leash dog just ends up playing a game of “catch me if you can”

Allow yourself to both enjoy time at the park by giving your dog a contained space while you are free to have a picnic or throw a football around.

4. Non-Fenced Yard

If you do not have the privilege of a fenced yard, you understand the task of taking your dog out on their leash every time they need to use the restroom.  The Portable Pet Pen sets up in a minute and has a mesh bottom that can easily be sprayed out for those quick trips to the potty.

5. Puppy Training

Training a puppy may feel like a full-time job. Having a portable, easy to set up Pet Pen can be immensely helpful to contain them so you can get a few things done, help develop their sense of boundaries, and for those times they can’t quite wait to go outside.

6. Contained Play Area

2 small dogs in portable play pen in kitchen

If you have a rambunctious dog, your house may feel like disaster zone at times. Having a contained play area is super helpful for both you and your pup – especially when it sets up in minutes.

7. Separating Dogs or Dog Sitting

Ever watched a friend’s dog and realized your dogs are not becoming fast friends? It makes for a long weekend. Whether you have multiple dogs or you are watching a friend’s – having the ability to easily separate your pups can be helpful.

8. Camping

Camping gives us a sense of freedom – but your dog is required to be on a leash at all time. Give them some freedom with a portable pet pen. They can enjoy the outdoors, off-leash – yet still follow the rules of the campground.

9. Someone Else is Caring for Your Dog

As much as we want to, we can’t take our dog with us everywhere. If someone is caring for your dog, they may appreciate being able to have a set space for the dog to hang out from time to time. Instead of keeping them in a smaller crate, a portable pet pen allows for space and containment.

10. The beach

If you’re like our dogs – the chance to go swimming is like a little slice of heaven. But for us, it means super sandy dog paws and fur. Having a foldable pet pen keeps pups contained, and a little less messy after their frolic in the water.

Feature image photo credit: Puppy in Training