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Carlson Pet Products started when we realized pet gates didn’t exist. Pet owners were using baby gates and while that worked pretty well, it wasn’t the best solution.

Since we’re dedicated to our pets, we designed and manufactured the best solution in a comprehensive line of gates that feature all-steel construction, non-toxic materials, chew-proof durability, and our patented pet door.

Carlson Pet Products - All Steel Construction, Chew-proof durability, Non-toxic Materials, Patented Pet Door

Our gates suit all types of breeds and all types of lifestyles.

We have gates low enough to step over, high enough to discourage dogs that like to jump, flexible enough to accommodate unusually shaped openings, and wide enough to cover expansive openings. We also have a great line of pet yards and pet crates.

Carlson Pet gates suit all types of breeds

Take a look around, and be sure to get the Carlson gate or crate that’s just right for you and your favorite furry friend. It’s sure to earn you a well-deserved lick on the face.